Direct news from the outdoor testing site. A few months ago work began on a new Covered By product, unlike the TreePod™ the GroundPod™ drills into the earth to get your camera up close and personal to all ground level wildlife.


The product was tested for the first time during the summer of 2013 on timid beavers at a near by lake. All problems being worked out, the GroundPod™ has now brought us one step closer to another timid animal. Even without any camo covering the wildlife completely ignores the camera, going about their daily business.


Its light weight metal construction makes it easy to carry, the ground insert is about 40cm/16in long and gives the GroundPod™ the needed stability, a wooden insert is equipped with the standard 3/8-16 screw so any tripod head can be attached. Tested and approved out in the field the GroundPod™ can now be purchased in the CoverStore.


We look forward to working with you shortly,

Sincerely the Covered By team

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